Permit Painting Project

This project began with a stack of permits that sat in my drawer for years as the collected detritus of an avid wanderer. When I held each one, a specific moment arose in my mind, from the sight of the peaks reflected in a remote lake to the smell of wildfire smoke before a red dawn. I chose to carry these memories into the present, and the “Permit Paintings” created on Alpine Lakes Wilderness permits began. Each painting represents a particular instant when I felt deeply aware of the innate value of wild places and public lands, and my responsibility to be a steward of them. Every permit embodies another visitor to a fragile alpine ecosystem, and through these paintings I hope to inspire others to be voices for the wild with me.  

(The above description of the project was first published in Alpinist Magazine Issue 64 alongside images of the permits). 

As the series expands, my goal is to donate a portion of proceeds from sales of the poster to the National Forest Foundation.