I am working in Chamonix from 6/24-8/5. All orders placed at this time will ship early August

About Me


I'm Claire, an artist living near Seattle, WA. 

Welcome to my website! 

I strive to create art that captures how being in nature makes me feel, from the joy of exploring a new trail to the sense of scale when standing at the base of a glacier. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by trees, innumerable shades of green, and craggy peaks an easy thirty minute drive from my home. These landscapes ingrained themselves deeply in my heart and mind; they shaped who I am, and are the inspiration for the art I now create. 

My primary mediums are watercolor and acrylic. While at first they could not seem more different, I explore the two mediums in the same way, letting light, form, and color interact with the whims of water, pigment, and medium. I am learning to embrace the unexpected quirks that define nature and painting. When in the field on a hike or backpacking trip I carry a small set of watercolors. When I don't have time to make a full painting, the small sketches and photographs I bring home become the basis of paintings in the studio. 

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope our paths cross on the trails someday! If you see me painting please say hello!

With inquiries or any questions please contact me via email: claireswanderings@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


Homepage Photographs: Three Sisters watercolor sketch completed on Mount Baker. Photo of me sketching in the Teanaway mountains by Adam Watts.